miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009


Sara is a young girl from Scotland. Now is working in a academy of Murcia which name is Shamrock.
Her hobbies are: she love travel visiting different places and she love skier.
Scotland is one of the four countries of UK and the capital is Edinburgh. The others are England (London), North Ireland (Belfast) and Gales (Cardiff). In Scotland there are five million of persons. Some famous person from Scotland is John Connery. The Scottish language is dying out. Scotland is green and does cold in the winter, but the summer is amazing. The topic scotish eat is the “haggie”.
She’s here for six months and now she's working in Empuriabrava. Then she will come back to Scotland to see the family.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Oar: the third competition!

Today has taken place the third competition of ths year and the first of the Catalan Champion.

It was the first competiton in our village: Empuriabrava.

To set up a competition you have tod o a lot of things, isn't it easy...

We had to put all the buoys in the sea with weath and in a exactly distance. We have to buy the eat nd the dink, to prepare the place for the referees, to clean the boats, etc.

When we have ready the things of the competition the last day the other clubs bring the boats to Empuriabrava in the beach; and they come from far away! There are clubs from Cambrils, Torredembarra, Lloret de Mar, Badalona, Sta Cristina de Mar...

Well, this competition was for all: the seniors, veterans, juveniles, etc.

First was a clasification, where we were seconds. And finally, the final of the competition, where we loose. In the general classification we are fifths.

We aren't very happy!

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009


Underworld is a film about two legend kinds of animals/persons: the werewolfs and the vampires.

The films explain the origin of the conflict between they, two different evolution of humans.

But there are some differents between the vampires and werewolfs:

- The vampires have a body like the normal humans but they are more quick and a little bit more strongs. Also, they have two long tusks with which they can bite humans and to transform themin vampires. They are intelligents, they live in comunities, they make arms, armors and fortress.

- The werewolfs are more differents: they are as wolfs but more big. They are very strongs but not intelligents. They kive as animals in the forests. And they can bite and to transform in werewolfs humans too.

In the film we can't see if finally one or other win the conflict. The werewolfs can get out of the control of vampires, but they can't eliminate the vampires.

Every one can imagine who could win.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

The music of Mozart

The music is one of the most important arts of the history. It exalt the feels and not the reason, the world of the dreams, the subcnscius.

Mozart is a clasical composers of music. He's famous not only because his music is extraordinary, it's because he composed music directly, without any correction. He started very young and he's the only.

Well, some years ago a specialists did a study about the musci of Mozart. Afer they did a special dvd's with music of Mozart to educate the sensibility of the childrens.

Also, the study says that the music of Mozart can influence in the behaviour of humans.

In conclusion, Mozart is one of the best composer of the history.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The last film of X-Men is about the origin of the protagonist: Lobezno. So is the fourth film but it isn't the continuation of the third film.

The film explain which was the family of Logan, the truth name of him. We discover that he killed her fathers when he was a children; then we get out with his brother and they will live together. They have speciall habilities or powers for this reson a coronel of USA take to him for a work. The coronel had a team with special men for find a special stone which is a strong iron.

But Logan get out of the team and her brother was angry.

Then, the coronel to set up a plan: a women who can control the feels of other persons scouted Logan as a girlfriend and the militar man faked that the brother kill the woman. So Loan would the revenge. To kill her brother, who is more strong, accessed to do a experimet: the coronel introduce the metal (alamantium) in her body. Logan went with a friends to kill his brother and the coronel, but he will discover that his girlfriend was working for the coronel. But he said that she loved him. Then, the coronel send a new dtrong mutant to fight with Logan and his brother, who will kill the mutant but they will not go together.

My opinion is not very good because I thought that it would be the best film, but it isn't it. There are too much special effects.

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

A day...

Today I will descrive one of the days of this small holidays before this final effort for the exams.

Yesterday when I got out of the bed I started to do one postcats in the blog: the second competition of oar of this year. When I finished it I ate something and I went to the aerodrome of Empuriabrava to know if I could work in summer, but I hadn't luck.

Then, as I hadn't work, what could I do? I taken my CV (curriculum vitae) and I went to let it in some places: to the petrol station of Repsol in Empuriabrava, the hotel "Comte Empuries" and a camping.

So now, I'm waiting to pick up the phone and to know that I have a job.

After of this race of jobs I return to my home and I ate. After I did homeworks of philosophy and at six o'clock I went to oar. But here, I did 3.000 metes with the machine, which simulates the oar. This mark is to present it in the Catalan Selection of Oar. Now, I'm waiting if I will can be in the catalan team.

Finally, after of a long day, last night I went to "barrakes"! The problem was that was raining but I enjoyed it well.

Isn't it a complete day?


miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Oar: the second competition

As you know, my favourite sport is oar. Also, I practice oar in the club of Empuriabrava: "Xon's rem Empuriabrava". I'm in senior's team which started to compete twp weeks ago.

Normally he competitions are saturdays like the second competition which was in Banyoles.

This village isn't infront of the sea, but it have a lake. But the competition wasn't only to oar in the water with the boat: also there was a competition of the machines that simulate the oar.

This race consist to oar the same team that after will oar in the boat so we had to change quick the players and to oar everybody. Here we won.

After of the victory we picked up to the boat and start the comptition in the water, where for a problem of helmsman (pilot) who was wrong to turn arround the correct buoy.

Finally we lose and finishedthis race in eight position.